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Should We Sing During a Pandemic?

In this time, when singing in church is being debated at the government level and internally among many believers as well, I think it’s very appropriate and vital to understand the importance and biblical necessity to sing.

We Were Created to Worship

Simply put, we were created to worship God and while worshipping God is not simply limited to singing alone, singing is an important and necessary practice of the believer in corporate and personal expressions. We are not only exhorted in scripture to sing, but we are actually commanded to do so!

It’s difficult to succinctly explain this topic because one could certainly write whole books on this matter alone (and have), however, David Mathis interviewed Bob Kauflin and put together an excellent yet non-exhaustive article that explains the importance of singing and the role it plays in the life of the believer.

Bob Kauflin explains that “there’s something about singing that both enables and encourages the rich indwelling of the word of Christ in our hearts. The ‘word of Christ’ is the gospel. It’s who Jesus is, what he’s done, and why it matters. That gospel is to dwell in us richly through singing. Singing is what helps us do that and express that.” He further explains that “music cultivates the happiness and wholeness of the human soul. Singing stirs and engages the heart.”

Please take a moment and read this article even if (perhaps especially if) you don’t particularly enjoy singing.

May we rise up, abandon being governed and ruled by fear, and sing truth both personally and corporately so that our hearts feel what our minds know about the Gospel.

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